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Lives Lost Introduction

Lives Lost There have been a number of attempts to dilute the extent of the communal carnage that engufged the entire state of Gujarat in February, 2002, with claims that it was restricted only to certain areas and districts. Moreover, there have also been claims to manipulate the number of persons reported as having died…

Lives Lost after August

After August, 2002 there was another 54 deaths. The final fatality figure was 1037 deaths: 781 Muslims and 256 Hindus. Out of 1037 deaths: 196 were killed in police firing: 116 Muslims and 80 Hindus (Reference: Report of the Parliamentary Committee on the Empowerment of Women; the same has been recorded by the State Home…

Lives lost till August

By August, 2002 989 persons (including 200 killed in police firing) were reported as dead from 817 as reported on 23 April, 2002 (Reference: Report of Parliamentary Committee on the Empowerment of Women) Till August, 2002 There were 185 cases of attacks on women of of which 100 were in Ahmedabad There were 57 cases…

Lives Lost Till June

Till June, 2002 4954 cases of residential houses having been completely destroyed: 2023 Urban and 2931 Rural 18,924 cases of residential houses having been partially destroyed:  11,199 Urban and 7095 Rural This implies that more than 23,000 houses had been either destroyed or damaged by the rioters. (Reference: Report of the Parliamentary Committee on the…

Deaths till 23rd April

Till 23 April, 2002 636 Muslims had been killed in the riots (including 91 killed in police firing) 181 Hindus had been killed (including 76 killed in police firing) 329 Muslims had sustained injuries in arson 74 Hindus had sustained injuries in arson.

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