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CJP helps Assam man walk free after 12 years behind bars! Jabed Ali served two consecutive sentences; 10-years for an unrelated matter and 2 years in detention camp

67-year old Jabed Ali walked out of the Kokrajhar Detention Camp in Assam on July 22, 2020, after spending a total of over 12 years in captivity. He is the 33rd person to be released from a detention camp due to CJP’s efforts. This is his story. Jabed Ali, a daily-wage labourer, hails from Nilibari village that falls under the…

The night Parbati came home A look at how an old woman was dubbed a ‘foreigner’ and forced to spend over three years in a detention camp!

Across India, especially in its Eastern parts, the homecoming of goddess Durga is celebrated with much enthusiasm by Bengali Hindus as the annual Durga Puja festival. One of the 108 avatars of the goddess is named Parvati often pronounced Parbati in these parts. So, when 73-year-old Parbati Das came back home from a detention camp…

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