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पर्यावरण दिवस पर सोनभद्र से सोकालो गोंड का संदेश Sokalo Gond, Leading Member of AIUFWP, on World Environment Day

जल, जंगल , ज़मीन के लिए लड़ने वाली , अखिल भारतीय वन-जन श्रमजीवी यूनियन की वरिष्ठ नेत्री सोकालो गोंड का पर्यावरण दिवस पर सोनभद्र से संदेश Related: Sokalo Gond and Nivada Rana move SC demanding forest rights Sokalo: An Adivasi warrior who defends her people Rajkumari Bhuiya: Songs as her tool, FRA activist marches on…

Sokalo Gond Released from Jail Today Victory for CJP and AIUFWP's campaign to release forest rights defenders

Sokalo Gond an Adivasi human rights defender & executive committee member of AIUFWP was illegally incarcerated since June 2018. Despite being granted bail on October 4, technical & procedural issues kept Sokalo behind bars till today. After 5 long months in jail she walks free today. Related: A Beautiful Show of Solidarity: Activists group reaches…

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