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Amir Rizvi

The Lower Court – Higher Court paradox Is it always our higher courts that deliver substantial justice?

Recently we saw two judgments, one from a district court and one from a High Court, both dealing with gender justice (the rights of women and crimes against women) and both resulting in contrasting outcomes. While the lower court, in a civil case, upheld and recognised a woman’s maternity benefit to be an integral right, the…

Justice Chandrachud on Why the Constitution Matters Firebrand Supreme Court Justice denounces Mob Lynching and Criminalisation of Dissent

Supreme Court Justice D Y Chandrachud, who is best known for penning dissenting judgments in landmark cases like Aadhaar and the arrest of well-known human rights activists, (where he stated “Dissent is the Safety Valve of Democracy“), reaffirmed his fierce commitment to defending constitutional values and democratic principles, with an extraordinary speech in Mumbai. Speaking…

Justice Thipsay on the Indian judiciary, Justice Loya and Sohrabuddin Netizens for Democracy

Retired Judge of Bombay High Court, Justice Abhay Thipsay, renowned for his exceptional judgments that have always favored the powerless, speaks to CJP on the sidelines of the Netizens for Democracy event. Among other things, he touches upon the mysterious death of Justice Loya and the travesty of justice that was the Sohrabuddin case.  …

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