Citizens for Justice and Peace

India Education

KHOJ: Rights and Duties CJP's Educational Program for a Plural India

This session is expected to evolve a lasting understanding and grasp within young minds of what his/her rights are as an individual. Our Rights and Teachers Rights, Rights and Responsibilities and Rights and Duties. A critical part of the discussions involve discussing those rights. This module consists of three exercises. Each child is given this…

Khoj Discover a New Approach to Education

An Introduction to KHOJ CJP's Educational Program for a Plural India

KHOJ is an Education for a Plural India movement. It is an innovative educational approach, which has been evolved over 20 years of actual engagement inside classrooms with thousands of school students in the 10-13 year age group (Std. V – Std. VII). KHOJ is based on the premise that the young are as capable of…

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