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Post-NRC, Parties Still Fight on Who Is and Isn’t Indigenous to Assam APW recommends a wide-sweep definition while ITSSA recommends distinction between Assam’s indigenous and tribal peoples

On October 29, Assam Public Works (APW) submitted a list of 48 communities to the high-powered committee established to enact Clause 6 of the Assam Accord. It stated that members of these communities are “indigenous Assamese” and, therefore, are eligible for constitutional safeguards under the clause. The Assam Public Works is the original petitioner that…

A Brief History of the Insider vs Outsider debate in Assam In conversation with Prof. Abdul Mannan

Prof. Abdul Mannan takes us through the genesis and evolution of the insider vs outsider divide in Assam. He also explains how the animosity that for born out of a fear of change in the ethnic demography of the region gradually also ended up taking a communal hue.     Also Read: Plight of Women…

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