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Gauri Lankesh Murder

A Special Court can speedily dispense justice in the Gauri Lankesh murder case: S Balan EXCLUSIVE interview with Special Public Prosecutor

Today, Thursday, September 5, marks the second anniversary of the fateful night when bike-borne assailants killed journalist and activist Gauri Lankesh outside her home in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, Bengaluru. Two years on, the investigation has reached a crucial stage with special public prosecutor, S Balan describing the investigation by the SIT as “meticulous.” In an…

Gauri Lankesh laid to rest, but The Truth could not be buried One year after her assassination, more evidence emerges of saffron plot to silence rationalists

September 5 marks one whole year since the eventful night when Gauri Lankesh, a fearless journalist and outspoken rationalist, was gunned down in cold blood outside her Bangalore home. In life she was a journalist who unearthed the truth. But even in death, it appears that Gauri will not allow the truth to stay buried. Skeletons…

Death of a Rationalist: Govind Pansare Baptised by the bullet for questioning the politics of religion, caste and class

A rationalist is a person who chooses to believe the scientific explanation for the occurrence of natural events rather than attributing them to faith or fate. Often rationalists openly renounce and denounce religion in favour of reason and logic. This, unfortunately, also often puts a bull’s eye on their backs. In fact, since late 2013,…

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