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What next for those left out of the NRC? From the Secretary's Desk

The NRC, is a process that is complex and not so easy to understand. So far, it has been unique to Assam. It was a consensual process arrived at after the tumultuous years that preceded the Assam Accord, when aggression, strife and violence marred a politics that was driven by real or imagined fears of…

The Notorious Foreigners’ Tribunals of Assam What are FTs and what do they do?

Assam’s dreaded Foreigners’ Tribunals (FTs) are back in focus after the Ministry of Home Affairs told the Parliament that over 1 million people have been declared foreigners in Assam by FTs so far! But what exactly are FTs and what do these tribunals do? Watch this video to find out.     Related: CJP in…

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