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Use the Covid Curfew to learn about Forest Rights Oxfam India has launched a course in collaboration with Nagrik Learning and CPR India on understanding forest governance and community rights in India

While the Covid-19 pandemic has grabbed all our attention and the PM of India has announced a ‘Janta Curfew’ in a bid to curb the transmission of the Coronavirus in India, we must while ensuring the safety of ourselves and others, not forget other important issues that plague the country. Forests are the lifelines of India…

Frequently Asked Questions on the Forest Rights Act, 2006 Compiled by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme

This document contains a categorised list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Forest Rights Act, 2006. The document categorises FAQs into several sections, including titles like “Implementation Procedure of FRA”, “Applicability of FRA”, “Eligibility Criteria for FDSTs and OTFDs”, “Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups”, “Minor Forest Produce”, and “Conversion of Forest Villages and Unsurveyed Villages”.…

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