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Homes demolished without notice

Due Process flouted in most Evictions in 2017: HLRN report Homes demolished without adequate notice, people thrown out on the street

As the year 2017 came to an end and night temperatures dropped below 10 degrees in cities like Delhi, a large section of India’s poor found themselves without a roof above their heads. An extremely vulnerable state to be in, if one does not have the protection of a shelter, a home. Right to adequate housing…

India’s Housing Crisis

India’s Housing Crisis: How the Poor Always Get a Raw Deal

For activists and human rights defenders, engaging with issues of settlements, housing and eviction, has always posed a challenge. While there may be an understandable revulsion to the increasing brutality and violence with which most local authorities have been carrying out demolitions or evacuations, the sense of entitlement in the middle and professional classes fails…

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