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delhi riots 2020

Hate Watch: Updesh Rana’s provocative hate speeches online Updesh's name is being linked to the Delhi Riots 2020

Updesh Rana, national Secretary of Vishwa Sanatan Sangh, repeatedly posts hate speeches and viral content online that seem to have found a lot of young viewers, who follow and support him religiously. Updesh’s name is being linked to the Delhi Riots 2020, with some provocative WhatsApp texts’ screenshots doing the rounds, allegedly sent by him…

Ragni Tiwari incites violence: CJP files complaint against hate We demand prosecution of Ragni Tiwari for hate speech against minorities

Amidst the Delhi riots 2020, CJP came across the (now deleted) profile of Ragni Tiwari, which was being misused to spread hate and was full of provocative content.Ragni Tiwari, who calls herself a ‘dharmyodhya’ is a member of Rashtriya Azad Manch. Her Facebook profile contained incendiary videos and rants against minorities. On February 23, 2020,…

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