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SC offers Relief to Assam Detention Camp Inmates

Where hope fades and time stands still: Assam’s Detention Camps A Purgatory more horrifying than Hell

Purgatory is a place where souls go to atone for their sins before being admitted into heaven. Assam’s Detention Camps are the dark, dank and dreary modern day purgatory like limbo lands, where those who are Declared Foreigner (DF) by Foreigners’ Tribunals (FT) are condemned to spend their time till they are able to either secure bail…

Children of Deceased DF couple struggle to prove Citizenship in Assam Gauhati HC grants temporary relief

In a shocking case in Assam, nine children of a deceased couple were forced to run from pillar to post to prove that their dead parents were indeed Indian! However, the Gauhati High Court has now granted them temporary relief. Sunahar Ali and Mojida Khatun, the deceased couple, were posthumously declared ‘foreigner’ by a Foreigners’…

Sofiya Khatun's case

Assam man’s wife declared ‘foreigner’, missing for 7 years! May have been 'deported' to Bangladesh

Seven years ago, Ainal Haq’s wife was declared a ‘foreigner’ and sent to a detention camp. Then, without her family members being informed, she was allegedly deported to Bangladesh. He hasn’t heard from her in seven years! Haq has documents to prove that she was in fact an Indian. This is how families are being…

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