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An Overactive State: The Case of Abducted Women at Partition Citizen Kaun - A CJP Series: Caught between religion, State, violence and patriarchy, a story of 'forced citizenship' from the time of India's partition

The paradigm of the “recovery” and “restoration” of women was a form of biological citizenship, as it entailed not only determining the religion (at birth) of a woman, almost as if it were a biological characteristic, but also her biological status as a woman whose body had been violated, impregnated, or otherwise defiled by union…

CJP’s Volunteer Motivators Reach Out in Assam Dial 1800 1020 138 for help

CJP reaches out to the people of Assam who are negotiating a labyrinth of citizenship related problems. Many of our special Volunteer Motivators (VMs) have spread out across many of Assam’s districts and are helping people on the ground with their claims and objections process. They are being backed by our toll free Assam State…

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