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Citizen Amendment Bill

Why the CAA must be opposed, because it discriminates An Expert Analysis of the CAA 2019

An Analysis of the CAA 2019 Ram Kumar The CAA 2019 is confusing. Some muddle it with the problematic NRC. Others are unclear about what it actually implies. It might be worth looking at it in some detail. This is an amendment to the Citizenship Act 1955. We must read the Citizenship Act with this…

Mumbai Unites to Protest CAA 2019 An eyewitness account of the historic rally at August Kranti Maidan

Till 4:30 they came in trickles, duly filling up a small area around the stage, ambling in the December afternoon sun. Many of them were activists who knew each other from other protests. Some of them were Muslims wearing the kind of clothes Modiji probably identifies them with. Slowly and surely, the event threatened to…

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