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Bangladeshi bogeyman myth EXPOSED in Assam! One-third of people excluded from NRC are non-Bengalis, many from indigenous tribes and ethnic groups!

The entire debate around outsiders and foreigners has been based on the long held belief that Bangladeshi infiltrators are threatening the demography and culture of Assam. But now as per a community wise break-up of the over 19 lakh people excluded from the final National Register of Citizens (NRC), nearly a third of the people…

Bengali Hindu labeled Bangladeshi

In through the out door A blog by Abheek Burman

On Tuesday, August 7, the entire BJP opposition in the Delhi assembly — all of three MLAs in a house of 70 — rose to a man and demanded that the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government implement a controversial measure — the National Register of Citizens (NRC) that the BJP-ruled government of Assam…

EXCLUSIVE: NRC update derails Saffron Agenda as lakhs of Hindus excluded from final draft Higher Rate of Exclusion from NRC in Bengali Hindu dominated Districts of Assam

Assam has 33 Districts presently, of which 10 districts have a more than 50% Muslim population. However, other than Darrang, all other, nine, Muslim dominated districts of Assam are seeing lower percentage drop rates from the NRC draft list as compared to other Districts with a lesser Muslim population… This overall situation has created trepidation,…

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