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Avva-My aunt

Avva: My aunt A reflective essay by Esha Lankesh about her fearless aunt Gauri Lankesh

One of the feelings I have thought about the most, is pain. And not the kind of pain one feels when you are physically hurt, but the kind of pain you feel when you lose someone. I used to think about it a lot when I was little, afraid that there will come a day…

Nobody from the Elgaar Parishad went to Bhima Koregaon: Justice Kolse Patil Teesta Setalvad in conversation with Justice Kolse Patil

In this interview with Citizens for Justice and Peace retired High Court Judge, Justice Kolse Patil tells us the purpose of the Elgaar Parishad and the accusation of a “plot” to assassinate the Prime Minister which was disclosed through a letter.   Teesta Setalvad (TS): Good Morning Justice BG Kolse Patil, and thank you for…

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