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Linking Aadhaar to Social Media From public welfare distribution to surveillance?

The State on numerous occasions has tried to impose the use of the Aadhaar card upon the citizens. While, the Supreme Court has upheld a few of such mandates of the State, the question of whether the imposition is valid on few other services keeps coming up before the Courts of the land vide myriad…

Twinkle-twinkle little star, why do nursery kids need Aadhaar? Intervention Application in Aadhaar case in SC challenges schools' demand for Aadhaar during admission

In a bizarre attempt to appear more loyal than the king, several schools across the country are demanding that all students compulsorily fill in their Aadhaar data during enrolment. In fact, even the admission process for Nursery for the academic year 2017-18 at these schools requires Aadhaar information of both the parents and the child! Now…

Adivasi woman dies in Jharkhand as Aadhaar crumbles like a House of Cards How Lukhi Murmu’s unnatural death in Jharkhand is a damning indictment of a flailing PDS system

Lukhi Murmu, a 30 year old resident of Dhawadangal village in Ghagharjani Gram Panchayat (Pakur, Jharkhand) died on January 23, 2018. Her cause of death may have been under-nutrition and exhaustion, as revealed by a Fact-finding Report by members of the Right to Food Campaign. The report has highlighted serious shortcomings in the Public Distribution System (PDS)…

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