Act NOW to check the spread of Communal Hate and Violence: CJP to CMs, DGPs

We, at Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) are inviting participation and signatures from hundreds of thousands of Indians, from every nook and corner of the country to protest the deliberate hate and targeted violence being invoked by motivated sections of the ruling political elite and their allied organisations in the social sphere. To act against these sinister moves we urge peace actions from the ground, interventions from ordinary citizens on the streets, with police stations and in neighbourhoods and offices.

The orchestration of this hatred among ordinary people and public spaces is clearly pre-meditated and inspired by Hate Speeches by socio-culturally influential and politically powerful individuals, and emboldened by lack of action against them.

As a first step, CJP and our partner organisations have written to Chief Ministers of all states, administrators of all union territories, as well as top police officials across India to take urgent action to stop blood from being spilled on the streets.

We urge you, the people of India, to protest this hate and demand action against it by signing our petition below, so we will take this forward with chief ministers and top police officials apart from petitioning India’s top Constitutional Authorities.

We also urge you to set up Mohalla Committees, Peace Committees, hold Flag Marches for Communal Harmony, Creative Expressions in Public Sphere. Show Allyship with our Fellow Indians, the Minorities, Now.

CJP is happy to come and train Peace Volunteers anywhere in India to ensure we build a Mass Movement for Constitutional Rights, Against Hate.

Beginning with the infamous Dharm Sansads, the auction of Minority Women and a vitriolic Election Campaign, the latest is the hate mobilisation around Kashmir Files.

Misconstruing historical and political events around the release of a film, The Kashmir Files, its promotion by the top political executive, including the Prime Minister has contributed the manipulation of facts; worse it has become the latest tool for a systematic series of actions further stigmatizing and denigrating Indian Muslims, relegating them to second class status and even inciting socio-economic boycott calls of trade and business. The chant of “Jai Shri Ram” has been turned into a virtual war cry against minorities.

The estrangement and targeted violence that the Kashmiri Pandit community has faced as a minority in the Valley, cannot and must not be undermined. Acknowledgment, justice and reparation must be ongoing and substantive. To blame all other ordinary Kashmiris for the plight of Kashmiri Pandits however, and to use this to further stigmatise and target all Muslims, is not just a recipe for disaster, but something that threatens to take us into the abyss of violence.

We have compiled some instances here:

The Kashmir Files: Calls for Muslim genocide ring out in cinema halls, hate brews outside

That there is a pre-meditation behind the series of such targeted actions, if not an actual conspiracy has been revealed in a recent investigation by The Wire that has traced the “history” of the persons actively and repeatedly “involved in anti-Muslim campaigns, violent protests against Muslims and various other Hindutva causes.”

The piece in The Wire may be read here:

We ID'd Anti-Muslim Sloganeers at 'The Kashmir Files' Screenings. What We Found Won't Surprise You.

Tragically, all this has been met with radio silence from the very top of the Indian political leadership. Such silence only gives the signal of consent to hate mongers who have been emboldened into brazenly violating the law and the Constitution.

Protest this Pre-Meditated Hate and Act for Peace and Harmony Now


Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP)

Bombay Catholic Sabha (BCS)

Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy (IMSD)

All India Union of Forest Working People (AIUFWP)


Citizens Must Act! Take steps yourself to reverse the spiraling hate-mongering. Sign our petition NOW


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