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The moment Smruti stepped off the bus and Tulsi joined her, these two heads would be closed together chatting continuously, first each midly showing off to the other about the contents of their tiffin boxes. As they grew older the short, sketchy details that each friend had over the years shared about their families elaborated into their own opinions about the goings on in each other’s homes. One such morning, a Monday, Tulsi was bursting with excitement. That weekend, Saturday to be precise, her parents were giving her a celebration for her birthday, the first in three years. It would be a welcome occasion for Tulsi to show off her home and family to her dearest friend. With only minutes to spare before the morning bell rang, and only a few more between assembly and classes beginning, both friends had to wait until the short break to speak to each other. Teachers took care to separate the inseperable pairs in each class and these too were definitely one of those pairs in that year’s Std.VI who needed to be physically separated

Barely had the first three periods crawled by and the bell for short recess been rung that Tulsi dashed over to her friend’s desk and spilt the news of the impending birthday celebrations. There were a few other friends to invite ofcourse but Smruti had to be the first. Relaying the invitation to Smruti who felt thrilled and excited at the prospect of visiting her friend’s home, Tulsi was eagar to even discuss minute details for that evening’s menu. Both friends looked forward to the weekend with great anticipation.

The lunch recess later that day was spent by the two drawing up lists of games to be played that day and gleeful details of the pranks that they would play on other friends during the celebrations.

Talking to her father about Tulsi’s party that night, Smruti’s hopes were dashed. On returning from school that afternoon, she hadn’t been able to wait to tell her mother of her invitation. In return , her mother had only looked at her silently, telling her after a few moments to speak to her father when he returned home.

But why, Smruti had angrily demanded? Why can I not go to my best friend’s house? Do you not meet your friends often? And invite them for meals all the time?

Of course, she is your friend, her mother gently explained. You can even plan to take a nice birthday gift for her the day before the party. But, said her father, you know we are strictly vegetarian and Tulsi, her family and her entire community eat meat, chicken and fish.

“So what”, demanded a bewildered and angry Smruti unable to choke down her tears. “All I have to do is to let Tulsi’s mother know–who by the way is a very good cook — and they will have special food kept for me.

What has that got to do with my celebrating my best friend’d birthday with her?” Though her parents were silent. Smruti had the nagging feeling that her battle was far from won.

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  • Faced with such a situation with your best friends, what would you do?
  • Whose help would you seek to convince your parents to allow you to go to the party?
  • Do you think that Smruti should be allowed by her parents to go to the party?
  • Do write in your solutions to us. We are very keen to know what you think.

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