From August 21 to 23, 2019, Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) conducted a three-day workshop in Guwahati where legal scholars and practicing lawyers helped equip local, district level lawyers and paralegal volunteers with in-depth skills and training to navigate the complex issue of citizenship after the publication of the list. Before and after that, since 2017, the vibrant CJP’s Team Assam has been conducting smaller and larger district level trainings in various parts of the state.

The workshop was top-lined by several legal luminaries including Ashish Dasgupta (legal scholar and senior advocate), HRA Choudhury (author, legal scholar and senior advocate, Gauhati High Court), Bijan Chandra Das (former Advocate General, Tripura), Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharyya (former Advocate General, Tripura), Mihir Desai (senior advocate, Mumbai High Court), Abdur Rahman Sikdar (senior advocate Gauhati High Court) and Mrinmoy Dutta (advocate, Gauhati High Court). The proceedings were conceptualized and conducted by Teesta Setalvad (Secretary, CJP) and Zamser Ali (State Coordinator, CJP). Eminent academicians such as Prof. Abdul Mannan (Gauhati University) and Amal Kanti Raha (former HOD of Bengali in Pandu College) also graced the workshop. Renowned economist Ananta Kalita (former Chairman, Board of Directors, State Bank of India), civil society member Hareshwar Barman (former member AASU, founding member Sanmilita Janogosthiya Sangram Samitee) and social activist Abdul Batin Khandakar also shared valuable insights. Many other legal eagles such as advocates Inam Uddin, Mul Hoque, Azizur Rehman and Mustafa Khaddam Hussain also conducted sessions for the paralegals.

At the August 2019 legal training, CJP came up with a unique method of disseminating legal wherewithal. Now, all over Assam there is a demand that the resources that we so creatively and widely disseminated, be made available on our website. We distributed digital copies of over 2,000 pages worth of legal resources such as orders, judgments (of various courts), notifications, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) related to the Claims and Objections Process of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) as well as various processes and procedures related to defending citizenship before Foreigners’ Tribunals.

Our aim has been to equip a vast and qualified citizenry, lawyers, volunteers, paralegals and all citizens with the wherewithal to navigate and negotiate the complex ‘citizenship embrologio.’ Apart from the 1.9 million (19,00,000) and their siblings and families excluded from the final list of the National Register of Citizens (NRC), there are at least another 1,17,000 persons today ‘Declared Foreigners’ and another 1,13,000 declared ‘D Voters’ by the Election Commission. The affected population is so large that without the widespread involvement of community and district volunteers, trained with the legal wherewithal, there is no way that the spectre of statelessness can be fought.

At CJP we believe in sharing this valuable resource freely, so that anyone who wants or needs it, has ready and free access to it. We hope by making these resources public, we can inspire many others to join our efforts to protect and defend the rights of our fellow Indians in Assam.


IV. Sarbananda Sonowal Judgements (2005,2007)

VII. NRC related Orders Circulars Judgements SOPs and Modalities

Gauhati High Court Judgements

  1. 20180502 GauhatiHCorderSiblingsFamilyMembers-WPC-360-of-2017
  2. 20180622 Gauhati HC Order on Siblings NRC
  3. 20190607 Gauhati HC Bail Order Sana Ullah
  4. 20200227 Gauhati HC Idrish Ali Order

NRC SOPs and Modalities

  1. 2003 NRC Rules 2003
  2. SOP Modalities-Claims & Objections
  3. SOP offline NRC draft correction
  4. Family Tree Detail submission for Error Free NRC
  5. Guidelines for Disposal of Claims emanating out of Additional Draft Exclusion List under Clause 4_3
  6. 20181122 NRC Order on Women and Children
  7. 20181201 SOP for Claims and Objections – collection determination of Additional Information of Claimants
  8. 190624 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Publication of Additional Exclusion list

Prateek Hajela Orders

  1. 20171005 Circular on Inclusion Under Clause3-3
  2. 20171112 Circular on Inclusion Under Clause3-4
  3. 20171109 Operating Procedures
  4. 20171109 What are the Admissible Documents
  5. 20180501 Circular on Weak Documents
  6. 20180502 Circular on Siblings Family Members of DFs
  7. 20181201 Claims and Objections-Collection of Additional Information
  8. 20181213 NRC Notice about deadline extension
  9. 20190530 Letter to DRCR regarding strict compliance of HSC order
  10. 20190608 NRC circular on online and offline Corrections
  11. 20190806 Correction of particulars biz names etc. in Draft NRC
  12. 20190803 Instructions for Disposal of Hearings under Clause 4,5 & 6
  13. 20190803 Instructions for Disposal of Hearings under Clause 4,5 & 6

SC Orders (NRC Related)

  1. Compilation of NRC Directions and Observations by SC
  2. 20171205 SC Order GP Secy Certificate
  3. 20180816 SC Order on NRC Claims & Objections Modalities
  4. 20181101 SC Order 5 documents NRC
  5. 20181212 SC Order on Deadline Extension for Claims and Objections
  6. 20190205 SC Order NRC during Elections
  7. 20190410_SC Order on Proximity of Claims and Objections Hearings
  8. 20190410 SC Order No Harassment Claims Hearings
  9. 20190508 SC Order in NRC case 31 July deadline
  10. 20190530 SC Order on NRC & Foreigners Tribunal
  11. 20190723 SC Order NRC Deadline

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