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The Girl who scared the Government Shehla Rashid on hate, misogyny and threats

Shehla Rashid was dragged into a raging maelstrom of hate and misogyny nearly two years ago when she emerged at the forefront of India’s burgeoning student movement. She earned the wrath of right wing groups and was anointed with a variety of undignified labels like ‘anti-national’ and ‘traitor’. However, none of this deterred the firebrand…

Another World is Possible A Timeline of the government's crackdown on the student movement in India

“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house,” Audre Lorde While the Indian government continues its cynical assault on institutes of learning and higher education, the Indian student movement shows us that another world is possible. [TIMELINE-21288] In the past three years and ten months since the Modi government came to power one notices…

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