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Aarey forest

Inside Aarey: Where the Adivasis are fighting another battle CJP Stands with Aarey and the Adivasis

Removed from the concrete jungle and what’s seen of Aarey from a surface level, the Adivasis have been living contentedly on their lands for generations, worshiping and celebrating mother nature. There are 27 Adivasi Hamlets in the Aarey Forest. As the Government of Maharashtra refuses to acknowledge Aarey as a forest and the ‘Save Aarey’…

Aarey Adivasi’s Roar at Public Hearing Mumbaikars urge a callous Tree Authority to save its Forest

Apart from being the Green Lungs of the city, Aarey is also home to 27 Adivasi Padas or hamlets. The residents of these padas attended the Public hearing of the Tree Authority to oppose the felling of 2702 trees for a Metro Shed. They were overwhelmingly represented by women and their refrain was to protect…

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