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Lives Lost Till June

Till June, 2002 4954 cases of residential houses having been completely destroyed: 2023 Urban and 2931 Rural 18,924 cases of residential houses having been partially destroyed:  11,199 Urban and 7095 Rural This implies that more than 23,000 houses had been either destroyed or damaged by the rioters. (Reference: Report of the Parliamentary Committee on the…

Editor’s Guild Fact Finding Mission Report, 2002

Mainstream Gujarati Newspapers and Local Television Channels played a role unbefitting of the Journalistic Profession, fanning hatred and inciting violence. The Editor’s Guild Report, Rights and Wrongs, 2002 documents in detail how the ‘Fuse was Lit” by the Media. No Punitive Measures Against the Publications have resulted.  

Deaths till 23rd April

Till 23 April, 2002 636 Muslims had been killed in the riots (including 91 killed in police firing) 181 Hindus had been killed (including 76 killed in police firing) 329 Muslims had sustained injuries in arson 74 Hindus had sustained injuries in arson.

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