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CJP Grassroots Fellows

Support a CJP fellow today CJP grassroots fellows are making a difference on the ground

Ripon sheikh, Mamta Pared, Meer Hamza and Tinku Sheikh. CJP’s grassroots fellows belong to different marginalized communities that we have been working with. Through our grassroots fellows, CJP aims to build a community of on ground researchers and community leaders who are passionate about exploring issues that impact them. Support our Fellowship Program. Visit here.…

Baha Festival

Baha “flower festival” of the Santhals Watch this video to witness the rituals and celebrations of Baha Parab

CJP Grassroots Fellow Ripon Sheikh brings to us exclusive images from the springtime flower festival, Baha Parab, celebrated by the Santhals and other tribes of India. Please Support our fellows so that more such stories can be shared with the world. Know more about our fellows here. To donate visit: Related: CJP Grassroots Fellowship:…

Grassroot Fellowship ft. Mamta Pared, Warli Tribe Episode 6 of CJP's podcast series Rightscast

Grassroot Fellowship Programme by CJP is a one of its kind endeavour which gives voices to the underrepresented. With the power of storytelling also comes empowerment. CJP provides these young fellows from underrepresented communities to take charge of the narrative by providing them with knowledge and tools. In the second episode of this three-part series,…

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