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Criminal Justice Reforms

A closer look at the new Criminal Law Reforms Committee Concerns raised about it being hasty and non-inclusive

The Ministry of Home Affairs has commissioned a Committee for Reforms in Criminal Laws in May, to “recommend reforms in the criminal laws of the country in a principled, effective, and efficient manner which ensures the safety and security of the individual, the community and the nation; and which prioritises the constitutional values of justice,…

India needs safe public spaces for women: A re-look at the Justice Verma Committee Report 2013 Had the recommendations of the report be implemented in time, the heinous incident of sexual violence in Hyderabad could have been prevented

In the wake of the recent case of the most brutal rape-murder of a woman veterinarian in Hyderabad, attacked and killed when returning home after work, the question of the safety of women in India has yet again generated heated debate. In 2013, the Justice Verma Committee recommended better street lighting, 24/7 public transport, more alert…

The Lower Court – Higher Court paradox Is it always our higher courts that deliver substantial justice?

Recently we saw two judgments, one from a district court and one from a High Court, both dealing with gender justice (the rights of women and crimes against women) and both resulting in contrasting outcomes. While the lower court, in a civil case, upheld and recognised a woman’s maternity benefit to be an integral right, the…

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