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CJP in Action: Volunteers assist families during objection hearings Ground report on how CJP VMs help people excluded from NRC overcome challenges

CJP Community Volunteers (CVs) and the District Volunteer Motivators (DVMs) are working round the clock to help people with the Claims and Objections hearings taking place in Assam in the last leg of the process before the National Register of Citizens (NRC) is published. The hearings began May 6 and as per the directions of…

National Register of Citizens

CJP saves indigenous Assamese Muslim family attacked in Assam Men attacked with hammers, women assaulted outside NRC hearing center

In a shocking incident, an indigenous Muslim man was brutally attacked by a group of people just outside a center where hearings are held as a part of the Claims and Objections process of the National Register of Citizens (NRC). The women in his family were also harassed. CJP quickly stepped in to protect the…

False NRC Objections in Assam Members of ABSU

EXCLUSIVE! People forced to file False NRC Objections in Assam Members of ABSU coercing people to file up to 10 false applications in Kokrajhar

In several shocking instances of the abuse and subversion of the NRC process in Assam, it has come to light that people have been forced to file Objection applications against others whose names have appeared in the NRC.  We have copies of complaints filed by some such people from Kokrajhar district of Assam, who claim that…

Humanitarian Crisis in Assam

CJP in Action: Our Attempt to avert a Humanitarian Crisis in Assam How CJP is driving the efforts on the ground to help people in Assam

Assam is at the precipice of a large scale humanitarian crisis with the citizenship of over four million people under the scanner. CJP, that has been monitoring the situation since 2017, has been working actively to alleviate the fear and anxiety among people of Assam who have been left out of the final draft of the National…

10,000 applications of NRC claims in just 40 hours in Assam

CJP इम्पैक्ट: असम में महज़ 40 घंटो में जमा हुए NRC दावों के 10000 आवेदन असम के आम नागरिकों ने CJP के आह्वान पर 3 दिनों की छुट्टियों में NRC प्रभावित लोगों की सहायता के लिए खुलकर योगदान दिया

छोटे और दूरस्थ इलाकों में NRC के मसौदे से बाहर कर दिए गए लोगों को, इससे सम्बंधित दावे दर्ज करने के कार्य में सहायता प्रदान करने के लिए, CJP ने असम के लोगों से आह्वान किया. 200 से अधिक सरकारी कर्मचारी, शिक्षक, शिक्षित युवा और कुछ सामाजिक संगठनों के सदस्य इस कार्य के लिए आगे आए. उन्होंने…

Assam NRC: CJP’s Impact on the Ground Become part of this effort NOW!

The number of CJP’s Volunteer Motivators in Assam have gone up. Our toll-free NRC helpline 1800 1020 138 is reaching those in need, however the deadline for filing forms looms close. We need your help now, more than ever:  

10,000 applications of NRC claims in just 40 hours in Assam

CJP Impact: 10,000 Claim forms filled in just 40 hours in Assam! Ordinary citizens respond to CJP's call for help and chip in over a 3 day holiday

After CJP called for assistance in helping people file NRC Claim forms in small and remote villages, over 200 government employees, teachers, educated youth and members of a few social organisations came forward. They took advantage of a three day holiday and joined hands with CJP to help fill out as many as 10,000 NRC…

CJP Launches App to aid in Filing NRC Claims in Assam App will help volunteers collect data and streamline process

Assam is on the precipice of a major crisis, with more than 40 lakh people being left out of its National Register of Citizens. In spite of the claims and objections process having begun, and less than one month before it concludes, more than 35 lakh people have reportedly not yet applied to be included…

CJP in Action: Our Volunteer Motivators Go Above and Beyond Our toll-free helpline widens our reach

CJP’s Volunteer Motivators (VMs) are committed to helping people all over Assam with filing claims and objections for the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Our toll-free helpline allows our volunteers to not only immediately help callers, but also expand our reach to areas that have thus far not received much assistance. Recently, a college student…

Nagrik Seva Kendras

CJP in Action: No hurdle too big for our Volunteer Motivators Our work with those excluded from Assam's NRC persists

CJP’s efforts in Assam are ongoing, with our committed volunteers helping people across the state with the process for filing claims and objections for the National Register of Citizens (NRC), which has disrupted the lives of millions, leaving their fate as Indian citizens in limbo. Within a month of our toll-free helpline being launched, we…

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