Beef Ban

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Policing our Plate: What does an enforced Meat Ban mean? Arbitrary ban an assault on cultural diversity, unlawful and unconstitutional

In an overt political expression of the desire to convert India into a homogeneous society controlled by an authoritarian state, right-wing supremacist groups have, in the first half of 2022, banded together once more to demand a ban on meat. This onslaught is also specifically a targeted attack on India’s Muslim minority community, the more…

Amir Rizvi

Victims of Gautankwad: Alimuddin Ansari

In our last story on Victims of Gautankwad, we told you all about the Pehlu Khan lynching that appeared to be a case of premeditated murder. Today we bring you the case of Alimuddin Ansari who was lynched by a mob of nearly 100 people in Ramgarh in Jharkhand on suspicion of transporting beef in…

The Ban And Bans

  Quote: “`What I do, eat, drink or pray is none of your business,’ says Rishi Kapoor.`I am angry. Why do you equate food with religion??—Rishi Kapoor” “Today there is a blur between the real world and the virtual world and I have taken aback to see that, for some years now, unethical, unacceptable and…

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