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Rashminara Begum

Jailed in Detention Camp despite being Pregnant with one child and Breastfeeding another EXCLUSIVE Interview with Rashminara Begum from Assam

In an exclusive interview with Rashminara Begum, we find out how this young mother was dragged away to a detention camp even though she was pregnant with one child and breastfeeding another. She also shares intricate details of her case, the inhumane conditions that she faced in the detention camp and the extreme hardships that…

Complaint against Zee News

Victory! NBSA rules in CJP’s favour in Complaint against Zee News Broadcaster warned, asked to remove content

In a huge victory for CJP’s campaign against hate speech, the News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA) has acted on our complaint against Zee News and asked the channel to take down inflammatory and violence inducing content broadcast in June 2018 during its show Kya Kehta Hai India. In its order issued on May 1, the NBSA has stated,…

USCIRF report says India saw declining religious freedom conditions in 2018 Report once again classifies India as Tier 2 country

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) recently released an annual report that examines the state of religious freedom in several countries around the world, including India. The countries are categorised into two tiers, with India once again being placed in Tier 2, “for engaging in or tolerating religious freedom violations that meet…

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